Well Placed

Lay Betting Selection

This system is essentially looking for horses that place….well. It filters out Top Rated Horses across the Form Ratings cards, where the 1st and 2nd horses are less than 25 point apart and the odds of the 2nd horse are more than 4/1 on our forecast odds.

We’re looking for Place value here, as opposed to Each Way and more about the differences between Place and Each Way can be found here.

Whilst it does bear fruit this system, it’s not a daily occurrence that horses are selected simply due to the selection criterior not being met so expect some blank days.

Today’s Well Placed Selections:

Well Placed Summary of Results:

This results table only looks at either Win or Lose, so not the full picture on this system.


Results before June – Profit Points
Results after June – Returned points – plus we added Place and Lay points to the table
Lay points is based on SP – prices fluctuate on the exchange, be sure to keep an eye on the market price when you place your lay bet.

MonthSelectionsWinsStrike RatePointsPlace PointsLay Points

Well Placed Full Results:

We’ve been tracking the Well Placed Smart Selections since November 2020 and here are the individual results of this system:
Please note that only Win or Lose is recorded on these tables.

DateMeetingTime Of RaceHorseResultOddsPointsPlace PointsLay Points
Sat 15th January 2022Fairyhouse1.24Bold Approach (IRE)LOST6/1-1-1.001.00
Wed 5th January 2022Wolverhampton12.50BurtonwoodWON16/1163.20-16.00
Thu 16th December 2021Naas12.15Smash The Lamp (IRE)LOST10/1-1-1.001.00
Thu 16th December 2021Southwell2.06Gorgeous GeneralLOST9/2-1-1.001.00
Mon 13th December 2021Chelmsford City1.15Bonita BLOST8/1-1-1.001.00
Sun 12th December 2021Carlisle12.00Vintage FizzLOST13/2-1-1.001.00
Thu 9th December 2021Taunton3.40Kendelu (IRE)WON4/141.00-4.00
Thu 9th December 2021Newcastle3.20Imperial Lord (IRE)LOST8/1-1-1.001.00
Wed 8th December 2021Kempton4.00Belacqua (IRE)LOST9/4-10.451.00
Sat 4th December 2021Wetherby2.47Geryville (FR)LOST4/1-10.801.00
Thu 4th November 2021Thurles2.55Futurum Regem (IRE)LOST16/1-1-1.001.00
Sun 31st October 2021Carlisle11.50Brayhill (IRE)LOST13/2-1-1.001.00
Fri 22nd October 2021Doncaster1.30Aiming HighNon RunnerN/A00.000.00
Sat 16th October 2021Catterick1.55Naughty Ana (IRE)LOST3/1-1-1.001.00
Thu 14th October 2021Carlisle2.30SorbonneLOST16/1-1-1.001.00
Thu 14th October 2021Carlisle3.40Strong Team (IRE)LOST6/1-1-1.001.00
Wed 13th October 2021Wetherby3.58Native Fighter (IRE)LOST6/1-1-1.001.00
Tue 5th October 2021Galway4.40Rathnaleen Kal (IRE)LOST10/1-1-1.001.00
Wed 22nd September 2021Kempton5.45Cabrakan (IRE)LOST5/1-1-1.001.00
Sat 18th September 2021Navan1.15Luke ShortLOST100/30-10.671.00
Thu 2nd September 2021Clonmel7.15Machine LearnerLOST5/1-1-1.001.00
Thu 2nd September 2021Dundalk4.30Redbud (IRE)LOST6/1-11.501.00
Mon 30th August 2021Cartmel5.55Decoration Of War (IRE)WON4/152.00-4.00
Fri 27th August 2021Curragh4.15Good Heavens (IRE)LOST7/2-11.701.00
Wed 25th August 2021Kempton8.30Irish Legend (IRE)LOST6/5-11.301.00
Fri 20th August 2021Killarney8.00Watergrange Jack (IRE)LOST13/2-12.301.00
Wed 18th August 2021Carlisle2.05Azure Blue (IRE)LOST15/2-12.501.00
Tue 17th August 2021Hamilton2.15Sound Of IonaLOST5/1-12.001.00
Sat 14th August 2021Doncaster1.52Maggies JoyLOST9/2-1-1.001.00
Thu 12th August 2021Salisbury5.10Balearic (IRE)LOST9/2-1-1.001.00
Thu 12th August 2021Salisbury1.15SilverdaleLOST7/2-11.701.00
Sun 8th August 2021Haydock5.20Bastogne (IRE)LOST5/1-1-1.001.00
Sat 7th August 2021Cork4.55La Petite Coco (IRE)WON2/131.40-2.00
Sat 7th August 2021Lingfield7.05Heptathlete (IRE)LOST5/1-1-1.001.00
Fri 6th August 2021Haydock5.20My Thought (IRE)LOST100/30-1-1.001.00
Thu 29th July 2021Newcastle6.55MoharebLOST6/1-1-1.001.00
Thu 29th July 2021Nottingham2.00Desert (IRE)WON5/23.51.63-2.50

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