How Does Form Ratings Work?

We provide our members with unique ratings to help them pinpoint good value selections.

Every day we provide horse racing form ratings for every UK and Irish race so our members can get a good idea of each horse’s chances of winning a race, at a glance. This is presented in our daily racecards as in the image on the left.

Our racecards are the result of decades of data combined with some computer wizardry and the end result is a powerful rating system which places the right information at your fingertips when it comes to placing bets.

There’s hundreds of ways to choose which horse to bet on, and every man and his dog has an opinion. That’s why we put together the most important factors, giving you an easy-to-understand summary of each horse’s rating and allowing you to make your own informed decision.

You can use Form Ratings however you want.

• You might want to dig deep into this data, and look at every single element in detail.

• Or you might want to just simply evaluate the numbers at a glance.

Either way, you’ll be gaining good insight which will help you make better informed selections.


Identifying the Value Bet

By the time your form ratings racecard makes its way to you in the morning, most of the hard work is already done.

Our Form Ratings algorithm takes hundreds of different factors into account including things like:

• Jockey
• Track
• Distance
• Races won,
• Races placed,
• Races lost,
• How many lengths the horse won/lost by
• And loads more (If I were to list them all we’d literally be here all week)!

Each of these factors form our ratings for the day, so each morning you’ll get our ‘Pick of the Day’ – the horses that we believe are the best value bets.

Of course, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to make your own informed choice.

One of the things we’ve learnt over the years is that not everyone bets in the same way, and our form ratings allow you to make better choices, regardless of what your strategy is. Whether you’re:

Backing top rated horses in handicaps. Back top rated horses with good speed ratings in shorter races. Lay betting horses at short prices that have a low rating…

…Form Ratings will help you do it.

Need Support?

Our Knowledgebase is packed with articles to get you going and should answer all your questions – head to to find out more.

We’ve also got a great network to help you get the most out of Form Ratings. You can directly contact Form Ratings pro, Rob via Facebook/Twitter/Email with any questions.

We also have a knowledgeable group of members in our Facebook Group who will be more than happy to share their tips, tricks and successful strategies for using Form Ratings. Plus we’ve got a whole host of video tutorials and guides available in the members area.


These are the horse’s number, name and age

LR, 2LR, 3LR

This is our rating for how well a horse has performed in previous races.

LR: Last Race
2LR: Last 2 Races
3LR: Last 3 Races


This is our speed rating based on the most recent races for each horse. It is weighted so that recent speedy performances earn more points than one’s that were a while ago.


This stands for “Horse Race Score” and represents how well a horse has run in race scenarios most similar to the one it is in taking into account factors such as; the jockey, the trainer, distance, when last run etc..


FRN This stands for “Form Ratings Number” and it is our main rating. It takes into account the most factors which are are all weighted to give us the strongest overall rating.


These are the official forecast odds, published the evening before racing.

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There are loads of different ways to use Form Ratings…

Silver member Carl Kimmins backs the Top Two rated in handicap races where both are odds of 5/1 or greater.

Gold member Syed Nakqvi focuses predominantly on the top two rated. He also enjoys sharing his ideas in the private Facebook group.

Simon Coates tends to put the smart selections into multiple bet accumulators.

Gold member Christopher Lay focuses on the Smart Selections and in particular the “top rated” ones, and looks at ways to further improve them by applying additional filters from the main cards.

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