How to Find Winners


(….and Increase Your Earnings)

Picking a winning horse is not as hard as you might think. By following a set of simple,win-influencing factors (available at Form
Ratings of course!) it is possible to considerably increase your cash winnings.

The Top 7 Factors for Picking a Winner


  1. Comparing Class: it may seem obvious, but owners often place horses into races in higher classes in the hope of grasping prize money, so check a horse’s recent race class to see if it is out of its depth.
  2. Going the Distance:aim to back horses that are proven to have won, placed or come close to winning by say, 6 lengths on the flat, 12 over the jumps.
  3. Fitness: another obvious one, but horses running within about 35 days of their last race are
    generally fit and not returning after a lay off, so check the trainer’s recent form.
  4. Improving Speed: a good recent speed figure can point to winners with amazing regularity if combined with these other winning factors. Look for horses that have recorded their personal best figures in their last race. Last time out (LTO)
    figures that are both their personal best and
    superior to the rest of the field can pinpoint decent priced winners. If the horse is coming from a handicap LTO to a conditions race or into the same/lower class race “today” then even better.
  5. A Turn of Foot: it’s surprising how many decent priced winners there are from horses that have shown to be able to quicken up or run on well in a recent race. Just by checking the horses last 3 race comments for a “ran on well” or “quickened to lead” can often lead to hidden winners.
  6. Proven Winners: there is no better form than winning form. Winners very often win again and a huge percentage of horses will never win, so always factor in proven winners.
  7. Price / Odds: The vast majority of winners come from the first 3 or 4 in the betting. Yes, it would be lovely to back 20/1 winners every day but the betting markets are usually a good indication to the horses chances. If you want to back winners, concentrate on the first 4 in the betting.

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