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  • Increase your win % – Past performance gives huge insight into how horses are likely to perform. Smart members are using this to their advantage.

  • Share Ideas – Our Private members-only Facebook group is buzzing with members sharing tips, strategies and systems every single day.

  • Accelerate Bankroll Growth – Sticking to a strategy is a huge part of making a profit. Staying disciplined = bigger returns.

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  • Build a Portfolio – Form Ratings data enables you to deploy various different betting techniques, meaning you can profit by backing, laying, dutching, trading, and many more.

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  • Easy To Use – Members have unlimited free support via tutorials, our private members Facebook group, and have direct access to Rob if they have any questions or need any help.

  • Reduce Stress – Winning feels much better than losing. Trusting in hard data (rather than hunches or “tips”) significantly boosts your chances of picking winners. The data never lies!