Guide To Our Ratings

The secret to successful betting is cutting out the losers. If you have patience and wait for the outstanding, clear top rated selections then you’ll be richly rewarded.

The main ratings on the tables to concentrate on are;

  1. Total Rating figure.  This is obviously the totals of all the ratings listed plus a few that are not. [On average 25%-28% of all Total top rated win]
  2. The last run figure (LR). This is derived from 100’s of separate factors and equations including class, weight, official ratings and so on. It’s not a bare single figure such as speed etc.[On average 20%-24% of all last run top rated win]
  3. Speed figure (Spd). This takes into account the best total speed, best from last 3 races, with more  emphasis on it’s last race and best average for all previous races. [On average 17%-20% of all Top rated speed selections win]

Taking note of the winning percentages. The Total Rating figure is the main figure to concentrate on.

If you back every top rated selection using Betfair’s SP you will make a profit each month! (This can vary from just 1 or 2 points profit up to 80+ points)

If you wait for the top rated selections that are clear top rated for all 3 then you have a good potential winning selection (or place depending on the price).

Ones that have a good difference in their ratings from the next best rating have an even greater chance.Smart Members are provided with all selections each day that are +39 points clear (Total Rating figures regardless of Last Run & Speed figures) and win around 50% of their races.

Depending on the days racing, time of year etc – you might have 3 or 4 selections a day, or 2 to 3 per week. This also depends on what difference/class of race/price and so on that you personally want to wait for.

For example, you might want to only back selections that are a minimum +10 difference for LR, +5 for speed & +25 for the total rating in exposed non handicap races of class 4 and above with a minimum SP of 3/1

If you also want a consistently good strike rate and potentially take your Betfair place bets to the next level then back them for a place. (8+ runners)

LR = Last Run (2LR etc). These figures

Hrs = Horse Rating. This is the horses main rating which takes into account up to its last 6 runs

Spd = Speed figure

Form = The horses total win and place percentage.(Be wary of maidens that have only ran once for example which will show a good figure if it placed).

Getting the best from the ratings:

Take note of the tips from our 7 Top Tips For Finding Winners Page. Concentrate on top or 2nd top rated horses that tick all the boxes for the 7 tips in exposed races and you’ll find plenty of decent winners every week!


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