great source of information is straight from the trainers mouth!

The 2nd
“system” I use is info shown to everyone, but only a
very few actually recognize how powerful this info is and look
out for it during the day. You’ll only find one, maybe two a day
with this, but the strike rate is a great 80%+ of at least
getting placed. Many win and is a great boost to your profits
each week. This is just an added extra to the main system, but
don’t ignore as it produces good priced winners every week.

Simply have
the site up each day, click on “cards”
and before each race bring up the corresponding race card on the web site. To the right hand side you’ll find the
“Live Reporter” for a particular meeting where they
have someone from the racingpost at the meeting reporting on
market moves, going changes, non-runners as well as comments from
jockeys, owners and trainers.

They also
give their own views on certain horses etc. All we want to watch
for is comments from 
horses in the upcoming races. IGNORE all jockeys, owners and the
live reporters views, trainer comments only. [Trainers will tell
the jockeys and owners anything and paint a sunny picture of the
horse to give them confidence, so ignore anything from the jockey
and owner].

trainer comments will be along similar lines such as “I 
think he
will run well”, “he’s in good form and I’m
hoping for
good run”
forget comments like these. We only want really positive comments
where the trainer thinks the horse WILL win the race. Yes there’s
a fine line of knowing which ones to back, but after following
the comments for a week or two you’ll know what to ignore and
what to back. Just be patient and wait for the very positive WIN
comment, no “hoping”, no “good chance” no
“should be in the money”, no each way chance, no “will
improve”, better for the run and so on.

Look out
for: ” is 
“he has a hell of a chance

– “We’re hoping for the double for the stable and there
confidence behind
– “he’s a winner waiting to happen” – 
should win this

– “I am 
expecting a big run”
(not a “good” run) – “I think she’s got a good
chance and 
fancy her

and so on.

Just the
“sticking out” comments full of confidence that it’s
expected to win. Many are winning at around the 7/2 – 8/1 etc and
many getting placed so your patience will be rewarded handsomely!
We’re sitting around waiting for the races to come along anyway
using the main system so just a quick look for these comments is

I have a
LUMP of money on these selections for a 
quite decent size stake for the win as they really are as good as
any info you’ll get and the winnings always outweigh the losers.
Just be patient and wait for the “outstanding” WIN
comments. (some of these are for the odds on supposed sure thing
which I leave alone).

Also, for a
smaller stake, look out for a trainer commenting that the horse
is in the sales tomorrow or next week
 along with
the comments of “we’re hoping it will 

or similar. Yes I know the word “hoping” is there, but
a great percentage of these horses have been found the easiest
race they can find, dropped down in class etc – to give it it’s
best chance for a long time to go for some prize money and
“hopefully” get it in the 1st three to attract a better
price in the sales. Many of these horses have ran like donkeys
for months and go into the race at a big price. A lot of them get

are very powerful
I’m not going to get into the subconscious and psychology babble
here, but just by learning which particular words they’re using &
read “between the lines” to get the feel of what they
mean with their comments, you can make a 
income from this alone if you keep it to yourself and is easily
worth many times the price charged for the two systems! Just
build up to say £100 win and £200 place and you’ll
clear well over £1,000 a week on average with these alone.

from the last few days: “I’m very hopeful
can win it

2nd 6/1 – he has a hell of a chance Result Won 11/4 – a good
clean round of jumping 
will see
her in the money
Won 6/1 – he could
 win this
Result 3rd 14/1 – “I think she’s got a chance and 
fancy her
2nd 8/1.


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