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and thank you on your decision to invest in the following

I’m very confident you’ll make a very
good living using the following for years to come. Please,
keep these to yourself.

The following methods are the real deal!
They’ll have losing days, but a day or two later up pop 2 or 3
winners at 8/1+ and it’s BANG back into form again. I’ve followed
these roughly for around 3 years.

I’m certain that the following information will
put a lot of money in your account over the
coming months and years and a smile on your face with your
profits. Enjoy.

As you’ve probably guessed from the initial
description of the systems, you’ll be following information as it
becomes available during racing. The systems utilize obvious
information that’s available for anyone to see, but we choose to
use only the information that is relevant and proven to point to
a large majority of very fancied horses that are in the race to

Aren’t ALL horses in a race trying to win?
Fortunately for us, no they’re not. It’s estimated that in any
given race, a minimum 20% of the horses are running with
absolutely no intention of trying to win. They’re NOT running to
their true ability. Shrewd connections are running them at an
unsuitable distance, the wrong going or surface and are “laying
them out” for a gamble for a certain race that can be months

20%+ of all the horses running each day adds up
to a LOT of gambles that are happening daily in the UK. Now we
can spot over 90% of these horses and back them accordingly.

If you’re wondering just how good some “inside
information” is, I was privileged to have access to
information from someone “third hand” originating from
a certain professional darts player! Anyhow, out of 20 horses I
was given, 18 won at prices no shorter than 8/1. Most were in the
12/1 to 16/1 price range. Very powerful information indeed. But
as with anything, the guy was found out to be giving his tips out
to too many “friends” and the info stopped coming.

Real “inside information”
like the above is only available for the privileged few and is
never advertised. But money has to be backed on these horses and
a large enough percentage of that money ends up getting placed,
shortening the prices for us to spot and to take advantage of.

I’ll explain in detail shortly how to
differentiate between the real and false gambles. “Gambled
on” horses win almost every day, the key to success and
wealth is knowing which shortening prices are real inside info
with a great chance of winning or getting placed – and which are
false “also ran’s”. Once you know the difference, which
you will in a moment, you can basically make as much money as you

following shows only a handful of losing days over a month on
average and the vast majority of the time makes 
very good
profits daily.
There’s two
versions: One to follow during racing, the other where you can
spend around 15 minutes at lunchtime each day to spot decent
selections to be backed to win and to place on Betfair. Obviously
following the racing will produce much more selections and more

Racing Version:

we’re backing horses that 
open in
price on the 
Sportinglife live
shows at a much reduced price from their betting forecast price
in the 
(don’t use any other price comparison sites or betting forecast
sources. RacingPost betting forecasts shown at the bottom of each
race card and the Sporting life opening shows from the link

over a
40% reduction in price from the Racingpost betting forecast to
the opening shows [the
1st price
they show shown around 10 minutes before the race] on
sportinglife live

winners at 14/1 and lots of places at 8/1 etc, but the ones
heading the market 
opening on
Sportinglife live show odds/prices as the favorite or 2nd
favorite have a very good winning strike rate.

Even if they’re
forecast as favorite but a good 40%+ shorter in price in their
opening shows indicates a very decent strong running favorite!

Out” banker bets:

that open with a good 50%+ drop which are say 6/1 to
12/1 in the forecast, dropped from 4th or 5th in the Racingpost
betting forecast that open as the favorite on the Sportinglife
live shows + stay the favorite.

If you wait for
just these banker bets above then you can expect around an 80%
strike rate of them being placed and around a 45% to 50% of them

Just following
the above to say £200 for a place and £100 for a win
will produce well over £1,000 a week in profits, on
average. You’re going to have losing days, maybe once or twice a
year a losing week, but after a few losers they ALWAYS come
stomping back into big profits!

Example: Imprimis
was 5th in the betting forecast list in the Racingpost with odds
quoted at 10/1. The first opening shows gave Imprimis Tagula a
price of 5/1. That’s a reduction of 50%. It shortened further
into 3/1, but many are drifting in the last 5 minutes and still
running very well. Last few days results below…


Pearl betting forecast. 9/1 – opening show 5/1 [-44%] 4th
11/2 2nd fav [place 2.24]

Boundless Prospect b.f 7/1 – o.s 7/2 [-50%] jnt 2nd fav 3rd 5/1
[place 2.06]
10/1 – o.s 5/1 
fav won

Rhythem Seeker b.f 9/2 – o.s 5/2 

Anmar b.f 5/1 – o.s 7/4 
 fav [3.27/1.46]
Tuxedo b.f 10/1 – o.s 11/2 
2nd fav [place 2.44]
9.20 Forest Dane b.f 11/1 –
o.s 5/1 
2nd fav [2.37]

9.5 points profit


Tora Petra -60% 2nd fav 3rd 4/1 [1.95]
Philidippides -50% 2nd fav won 5/2 [3.75/2.22]
3.30 Canni
Thinker -65% fav won 4/1

Flying Squad -70% fav lost
3.50 Under Review -52% fav lost

Nafura -75% fav won 10/11
6.50 Oriental Cavalier fav won
8/11 [1.71]

7.4 points profit


Hurakan bf 8/1> opened 7/2 -56% fav won
11/4 [4.30/1.61]

Chelt 1.50 Some
Present 11/4 > 13/8 -41% fav 2nd
13/8 [1.40]

Newc 2.00 Dark
Ben 14/1 > 9/2 fav –
68% won 4/1 [5.60/2.10]

Ling 2.15 Bush
Master 8/1 > 3/1 -63% jnt 2nd fav lost 4/1

Newc 2.35 Liz’s
Dream 12/1 > 5/1 -58% 2nd fav lost 9/2

Chelt 3.35 Regal
Approach 14/1 > 7/1 -50% fav 4th
6/1 [2.53]

Newc 3.45 Willie
Hall 12/1 > 9/2 -63% 2nd fav won 9/2 [6.40/2.30]

Dundalk 8.00
Fourpenny Lane 11/4 > 7/4 -36% fav won
6/4 [2.56/1.52]

Wolv 8.20
Bestowed 6/1 > 5/2 -58% jnt fav 2nd
7/2 [place 2.17]

Dundalk 8.30
Bashkirov 7/1 > 11/4 -60% fav won
10/3 [4.56/1.94]

Wolv 8.50
Falunalter 4/1 > 15/8 – 53% fav 3rd
7/4 [place 1.65]

Wolv 9.20 Bronze
Prince 5/2 > 4/6 -73% fav won
4/6 [win 1.91]

20 points profit



Before Racing

At around 12.30 to 1pm each day, open up the
Racingpost site, open a meetings racecard and just under the card
find the ” Show all race cards for this meeting on one page
” so you can see all the races for that meeting and the
betting forecast prices.

Next open up Betfair and go to the first
corresponding race you have in the Racing Post. Look out for a
horses SP price [click on the “Betfair
Starting Price (SP)” option checkbox on Betfair once logged
in] that has/is being backed and has shortened in price from the
Racingpost betting forecast. Again, we want a horse with at least
a 40% price reduction from the Racingpost betting forecast

On average you’ll find aprox 3 maybe 4
selections each day with an exceptional place strike rate.

following the racing live you can also spot a lot of winning and
placed “steamers”, horses that are being backed heavily
in the last 5 minutes before the race start. Any horse that has
been backed to half it’s original odds from its 1st show can be
considered a very strong bet.


below on the live shows you can see it was backed to half its
original odds from 20/1 down to 10/1 RESULT Won 10/1


Please try to keep focused on “the
big picture” with these selections,
I’ve received a
few emails querying the exact odds to use and how many runners

We’re simply identifying horses that are fancied
and have been backed accordingly and have a significant price
drop from their forecast prices.

How to work
out the percentages: Simply divide the opening shorter price into
the larger forecast price and hit the % key on your calculator,
then minus 100.

I’ll show a few examples of the main method over
the next couple of days:


 System 2


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